Coca-cola, Apple and Ema Telstar launch non-social media site for bands

Takeoff at coke.comTakeoff is a joint initiative by Coca-cola, Apple and Ema Telstar. On the site, musicians can post their songs, which are then put through a selection process of a jury of sorts, as I get it.
The best bands from the site will get a chance to perform live, writes Swedish media site Dagens Media.
Dagens Media calls the new site a MySpace competitor, but it sounds like it’s not really a social media site. Not if it’s only open to the bands that the jury likes.

According to Dagens Media, the collaboration is international, yet when I check out the different sites it turns out that the European versions of the site are the only ones where you can register and upload songs. On the US version, where there’s no such thing, as far as I can see.

On the whole, the site seems very unstable. It crashed both my browsers on my pc. Oh, did I say pc? Yep… and when I checked it out on the mac it was slow, but it did work. So that’s where the Apple collaboration comes in?

From the UK site:

This is your stage. All we need now is the music. Upload your tracks and we’ll put them in front of the most influential ears in the industry. If they like it, you’re in – an exclusive monthly podcast on iTunes featuring their favourite tracks. They’ll also handpick artists to feature on the Adam & Joe podcast each month and to perform live at the gigs. The world is listening…

A competitor to MySpace? That’s in a very limited sense, in that case. It’s a very different site. You don’t become a social media site by having a company podcast.


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