Hubbub – a half day conference with a mobile focus

Hubbub 07

Update 2007-11-24: Four more speakers added!

Next Saturday afternoon the nice guys and gals at Nustart will host another conference at Nymble at KTH in Stockholm. The last one, Hej!2007, was a great success, and I am looking forward to Saturday when Hubbub07 takes place.
The focus this time is on fixed to mobile applications in web, voice and IPTV. The six ten speakers represent four interesting companies in this field:

  • Sorosh Tavakoli, Founder of VideoPlaza, will talk about online video advertising
  • Trond Bugge, serial entrepreneur and founder/CEO of Super Local Media, will evaluate the importance of mobile location-based access to information at a global level
  • Henrik Thomé, entrepreneur and CEO of Sonetel, will talk about “Open source, globalization and Internet technology gives super-powers to the customer-focused IT-entrepreneur. Why have staff? Why have infrastructure?”
  • David Haddad, co-founder of Spontu, will talk about convergence of positioning technologies – mobile internet, smartphones and social networking.
  • Peter Arvai, VP of Product Development at Mobispine, will talk about mobile internet challenges for both operators and content providers
  • Patrick Broman, software architect at Mobile Sorcery, will talk about catalyzing the mobile revolution
  • Niklas Tyllström, CEO and Co-founder of Green hat People, will speak about the timing of convergence.
  • Hjalmar Winbladh, CEO and Founder of Rebtel, who is challenging the telecom giants.
  • Per Mosseby, CEO of Pixbox, will speak about “why the preferred mobile Internet device among the wealthy will continue to be the laptop computer, and why the smaller-than-subnotebook-revolution is happening – in developing countries”.
  • Per Leine, CEO of Extransit

One of the things I really liked about Hej!2007 was that live blogging and use of backchannels were encouraged and made use of during the day. This is also the case at Hubbub07. Here you can follow the event:

Jaiku Onelinr Flickr

They are all visible on the live Hubbub site. There you can also find live blogs. I will be blogging live here at Citizen Media Watch, so check back during the event!

Encouraging live coverage and backchannel feedback might seem obvious, but far too often it’s an aspect that organizers put way too little effort in facilitating for the audience. Even at the recent SIME event, the backchannels were as far as I understand not official SIME backchannels and the feedback was not used on stage. Unfortunately I could not attend SIME this year, but Joakim Jardenberg’s thread on Jaiku addresses this and other issues.


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5 Responses

  1. sriram says:

    wish i was there! grrrrr….

  2. Wish you were, too! Hopefully Gitta and I will see you guys in January though. :-)

  3. Ramkumar says:

    We’ll try our best to follow proceedings from this side of the world. ;)

    And I look forward to great live coverage from you again!

  4. Cool! What local time is the conference for you? Evening/night?

  5. Ruiwen says:

    It’ll begin at around 2000hrs our side, till about 2400 I should imagine =)

    And yup, looking forward to your coverage and pictures from the event!

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