Sunshine, warm waters, sandy beaches

Chao Phao sunset

Thailand is very relaxing, and we’re not really doing much, so I don’t have much to tell. Atleast everything worked out with meeting K at Bangkok airport, fetching the train tickets at Thai Airways domestic cargo office (though that was a bit of an adventure) and taking the flight down to Koh Samui. Koh Samui airport is different from any other airport I’ve seen. It’s more like landing at a resort straight away, a small water garden surrounding the terminal building, and cute small train-like buses taking us there. The inflight view was nice too.

Koh Samui airport

Me at Lolita bungalowsAt Koh Samui we stayed at suspiciously named Lolita Bungalows, a good option for just one night, as it was close to the ferry pier and the beach at Maenam was nice too.

The catamaran to Koh Phangan takes just over 20 minutes, though we had to be there early, so travelling took up pretty much of the day anyway. At Koh Phangan we got to ride the back of a pickup truck to our destination.

We’ve been staying right on the beach, at Seetanu bungalows, very quiet and nice. I’ve done some snorkelling. Apart from that we take it easy and focus on eating good food and the daily swims in the ocean. Nice!

K outside our bungalow at Chao Phao beach

I haven’t found a working wifi connection here yet, so photos will have to wait.


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