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July 24 was my due date. I was hoping I’d be a bit early… but now it seems I will be late, like so many first time moms. I’ve been home from work for three weeks now, and the past few days I’ve started to handle the wait a bit better, not only sitting at home, but going on little excursions with K in our new car. Yes, the Ford Mondeo broke down, and now we’ve bought Ola’s Ford Focus. Liking it so far.

Nya bilen

Yesterday we went on a drive to Ekerö, stopping at Ekerö möbler for some inspiration. It’s one of my favourite furniture stores, but I can’t afford much of what they’re offering.
Ekerö has a lot of countryside. On our way home we took the ferry to Slagsta, and then made a stop at Café Lyran in Bredäng.

Café Lyran

Today we went to Lidingö to have a look at my old neighbourhood as well as some sightseeing, plus we stopped by Benny’s new apartment. Looking good.

Seeing my old home painted white and with a sign saying “children playing” outside the gate felt strange. But atleast I’m glad there’s a normal family living there now.

Morris has moved to mom’s place. We don’t trust him around a baby. Missing him though – it’s very silent in the apartment. Minor also seems to miss him, despite them not interacting much lately. But she’s never known life without him.

At Common they are betting on when I’m going to give birth. The first time is coming up in just four hours. Doesn’t seem likely, but who knows…


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  1. Hans says:

    Å’, där var länge sedan jag var! Eller saka jag tala engelska. (Jag fann Dig först på Flickr genom bild från Gripsholms slott…)

    Oh, it was long time since I visited Lyran. I have never had a coffe or anything there. I heard it is good. And now I recall that you can get by ferry from Ekery. That can be a nice roundtrip in Stockholm. Hm.

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