Missing going to the library

I miss having a library nearby. To be able to just pop in and stroll aroud browsing the shelves for inspiration. To sit down with a cup of tea and read for hours. To have a whispering chat with a stranger. To find new friends on old yellowing pages. To have a hideout when everyday life gets too much.
It’s been six years since I had a library to go regularly to, and even longer since I actually did. No wonder I’m low on inspiration. True, I buy books – a lot of books even. But once they’re there in the shelf they’re not new anymore; they drift out of focus. At a library it’s instant intake, there and then. You sit with a pad and a pen and jot down little thoughts that drift by.
I wish I lived more in the centre of town. For lots of reasons, but this is one of the important ones.


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