Tour of Krumlov

William's pic of the group

Waking up to a storm of hail
where used to be green meadows
and off on a safari bus
bump bump bump
aahs and oohs in Krumlov
world heritage all around
angels on poles and at the square a plague pole
I like the green houses interspersed between all the duller coloured ones
cast iron, wood and arms of the Eggenbergs, Schwarzenbergs and Rosenbergs
ravens picking at the heads of slain turks
those were brutal times when this town flourished
icy winds blew us into the church
where the small details caught my attention
Inside the Český Krumlov churchheads around a pillar
the five petal rose
we talk in soft voices but they echo
heads turn and we head out the creaky door
stairs windling photo opportunities
click click facades
the castle tower with its decorations
overlooking the Vltava, or Moldau as it’s also known
shivering in the cold we escape
through a hole in the wall up dark stairs and into the heaven of mead
warm spicy soft it thaws us from inside
and our finger get back their sensation

My photos from Krumlov


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