The Good Tea House

Warm at last, allmost all over, and sweet like honey... :)

yogi tea with “slight euphoric effects”Yogi tea and crystalized ginger at the tea house
crystalized ginger in a small cup
milk and honey on the side
to warm my frozen limbs
after walking with angels in the snow
up streets, down streets
on my own to think and absorb
I wear my emotions close to the surface
sometimes they spill over in my eyes
are we all changed by this placeCrystalized ginger at the tea house
it’s challenging us to think about our lives
where we are and where we want to be
finding out it’s not necessarily the same place
taking on the responsibility to change
I mix my tea slowly with the milk and honey
spoonful by spoonful making it a ritual
turn by turn in the small cup
place the crystalized ginger on my tongue
let the sugar melt and the full flavour hit me
this is almost a spiritual place
devoid of gods, just the soul inside expanding
if I lived here I would come here all the time
if I lived here I might not need to

Angels of Krumlov

I found the place
where they put angels on poles
to keep them on the ground
If I crouch down low
I can almost see them fly


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