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An unexpected visitor

Bird indoorsI had a visitor today, and he helped me clean the livingroom floor. When I got into the livingroom I noticed something moving about on the rug. And there he was, a small sparrow, looking at me with intelligent little brown eyes. Not afraid at all.
He jumped in under the sofa, and there he found some crumbs and started picking at them, eating his way around my livingroom floor. :-) I watched him and every now and then he looked up at me.
Then I though he might fly and bounce against the windows and hurt himself, so I started to try and make him exit through the door to the balcony. But every time I had manouvered him towards the door, he plunged back under the sofa. It took quite a few tries before I finally managed to get him out of there. He sat on the balcony, looked at me, then flew down to the shrubbery below. So cute!

Then it took about ten minutes before I heard noices from the livingroom again. And guess who was having a feast of my Kornmo crackers that were lying on a plate on the livingroom table. :-)
I got him out of there, and placed the crackers on the balcony. Hopefully that will keep him out there.

I got a link to some photos from Kristallen. God, I look tired. :-)


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