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Strangers on a train

I had a very pleasant train ride back from the book fair in Gothenburg. I had expected to doze off, tired after three very intense days of poetry readings, rehearsals, release party and blog gettogether – and of course browsing the stalls of the fair and going to a couple of seminars.
Instead I ended up talking for four hours with the people seated at my table in the train. It turned out they were a) a writer and educator of creative writing, b) a web editor who writes fantasy short stories and c) a Brazilian woman who was reading Selma Lagerlöf in French. We had a great time and found out we had a lot in common.


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12 Responses

  1. Mats says:

    I´m one of the strangers…and it was really nice talking to you!

    I don´t feel so strange anymore.


  2. L. says:

    Oh cool, you found your way here even if I only gave you the address to my Swedish writing blog : ) Nice talking to you too!

  3. L. says:

    …and “strangers” was really only because I couldn’t resist the reference to Patricia Highsmith.

  4. Tomas says:

    hehe, another stranger revealed, i.e.: me,Tomas. I also had a very good time, and I´ll check out your sites later, presumably after work!

  5. Mats says:

    I know:)
    You know, Cristina mailed me and it looks like i´m going to learn portuguese after all!

    Hope to see you again and continue our discussions.


  6. L. says:

    Tomas: Well well well.. welcome! :-)
    Mats: Wow, congrats – that’s so weird and great that you happened to be in need of a Portugese teacher and she of a Swedish teacher. If you’d like one more person in your little study group I’m sure my friend Gitta would be thrilled to take part. She’s taken evening lessons in Brazilian Portuguese this spring and she’s planning to go to Brazil after new year’s.

    Btw, how’s it going with the healthy living?

  7. Tomas says:

    In my case: some minor improvements, at least compared to the last three days. Greasy korean food for lunch but a ten minute walk in Humlan afterwards, and now it´s been more than fifteen hours without alcohol or tobacco. Rejoice, there is hope!

  8. p says:

    What did i tell you about talking to strangers?

  9. p says:

    What did i tell you about meeting strangers ….

  10. Mats says:

    This thing “healthy living” is more of a philosofical issue that has to be, with lot´s of hard work of course, put in to a practical perspective.
    Now, I don´t regard myself being especially practical so I have a tough time coming. It´s the direction and the good intentions that matters, right?


  11. L. says:

    Yep, I know all about good intentions – I’m full of them. :) Taking it one small step at a time sounds like a healthy attitude, if nothing else.
    Me, I’m trying to cut down on coffee. But it seems more and more like a losing battle. I’ll probably have to settle for drinking less of it at home. The workday goes by too slowly without regular coffee breaks.

  12. L. says:

    P: Nothing, as far as I can remember…

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