My unability to understand unnecessary rudeness

I’m irritated right now and shouldn’t be writing this, but oh well…
The reason is the people at the folkhögskola in Storvik where I’m attending a weekend meeting with my Creative Writing course.
For one thing, it’s quite expensive to stay here, the food isn’t worth the money, and we’ve been here so many times that the environment doesn’t inspire me one bit. On top of that, the lunchroom staff have been very grumpy and rude. Today we were late for breakfast and were told off. “Don’t you have alarm clocks?”. We didn’t get any food, but after some muttering got coffee, but had of course to pay for it.
Since I didn’t have time to finish my coffee before we were to go to the drama hall, I brought the cup with me, and brought it back when it was time for lunch. Then they had put up a sign saying “The cups belong in the lunch room. It is forbidden to bring them out of here. If you have to bring your coffee, buy a paper cup for 1:-”
I got so annoyed that I skipped coffee. What’s wrong with these people? We pay for our visit here, and pay dearly. The least they could do is show us some curtesy and respect. Instead I feel like they’re treating us like naughty children.

I’m quite exhausted now, this being the second day of intense writing and listening to other people reading their texts. It’s a pity, because each writer deserves our full attention, but in the afternoons I find it hard to concentrate. Perhaps we should do some kind of physical activities right after lunch in order to get new energy.

Storvik has showed it’s most gloomy and gray side this weekend. It’s quite depressing, and I miss K and my cats. I’m trying not to let it get to me.
One positive thing is seeing people’s response to the e-zine I’ve been working on for so long. Frostwriting is finally published. On the whole people seem to like it and to get how the navigation works. I’ve also noticed that people are using the comments function. Great!


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