I’ve spent a couple of days in Värmland, visiting Sofie and going to an open stage café in Karlstad, at Café August, with her and Mattias. And yes.. we did go on stage, though it felt completely different from the stages in Stockholm. For one thing, it was outdoors, bright and sunny and people were sitting far apart at plastic tables. The crowd was relatively old and I think they preferred the accordion lady to our poems. Oh well. :-)
It felt good to be back in Värmland. Forresty, calm, friendly.
Sofie’s family was great.. lively and interesting. A lot of people in the house – Sofie’s friend Annika also stayed over night. And they have a cute dog who for some strange reason seemed to like me.
The four of us played pool at the Folkhögskola and laughed ’til we cried at the expression â€?skÃ¥llad LÃ¥tta med lisâ€? (I’m sorry but that’s just impossible to translate! :-) ).

Mattias and I had a nice train ride back to Stockholm, talking about all sorts of things and having a few beers.

Uffe picked me up at the station. We had a nice though sleepy dinner at a thai place and then went to his place where he did some packing and I got hooked on Crash Bandicoot on Uffe’s new playstation. :-)
I decided to stay even though it meant I had to get up at 6 this morning. I wanted to be near him since we’ll be apart a lot in the near future. He left for Malta today with his kids.
Had another balcony visitor the other day. The local squirrel (he lives in the bushes just below). He was eating the Kornmo crackers that I had put on a tray for the bird. (Yes, P, there’s plenty left for you, too! ;-) ) So cute.

I finally got the Mine to Win anthologies that I had ordered. The customs charged me SEK 500 for them. Gaah! Sometimes this country really sucks. :-/
I won’t even mention the way I got treated at the post office. Too irritated.


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