Trying to find a balance

Sometimes it’s so easy. You have a job to do and you get the job done. Nothing more to it. No procrastination, no bad vibes of inadequacy, no guilt trips.
I thought the deadline work would take most part of Monday and Tuesday, so I got up extra early Monday morning and started writing right away. Lo and behold when I discovered I was finished by lunch! Okay, I had allowed myself to skip the comparison between the George Orwell and the Martin Luther King text, but that’s alright.
Wow. A day and a half to do whatever I felt like. And then suddenly… I didn’t feel like doing anything. I even skipped the Friskis&Svettis workout that evening.

How do you find that balance, when you’re busy doing fun things but not stressed out? At once when I’m finished with a project I need a new one. I don’t think that’s healthy, since I tend to take on too much and then not being able to follow through, but I don’t know how to fight it.

Tuesday was better. I ended up at Edenborg book cafe, where I had tea and later a latte, and did the response work for CWA. I also tried to write a bit.

Talking of starting new projects… I am to go to actor’s training the seven upcoming Sundays. I’m not sure what kind of exercises we’ll do, but it might be fun. Very inexpensive too – only 300:-

Archived comments from my old publishing system:
jiny from I am in but not from houston, tx writes:
i am in the middle of writing an english paper and english is my worst subject. i find it amazing that you could make a career out of it.
M-o-m: 0 – 2004-9-24 19:27


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