Conferencing (wap wap wap)

I hope we’ll concentrate on talking about the web tomorrow. All day today we’ve discussed new methods of distributing our content and I’m sick and tired of hearing about mobile internet, wap and other services like that.
The discussions went on until 19.30, so it’s been a long day. A lot of people were tired and went to bed early, like me, leaving just a bunch of party animals behind by the bar. When I left they were talking about taking a cab in to Paris.
We had a rather interesting discussion at dinner about what we would do if we won several million kronor. Most of the others said they would quit their job immediately, just get up and go and never come back. I’m not so sure I would. In a way I’m living the life I want to right now, though of course I wouldn’t mind the freedom that a lot of money would bring. And I’d probably take time off from work to really give my private projects a fair chance to develop into something I could do for a living.


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