In France

Listening to Andreas right now, who’s talking about wap. God am I glad I’m out of that project. :-)
I’m in France, at this great mansion with a pool in the middle of a greenish courtyard where lavender is growing in bushes and there are flowers everywhere.
Yesterday was nice and relaxed. We arrived sometime around 2PM, and immediately went to the pool, sunbathing – it was the hottest day of the year, something which I wasn’t prepared for at all. But Cina lent me some shorts so I was okay. I spent a couple of lazy hours by the pool, before it got too hot and I escaped to the bar to have a sandwich and talk to the ppl who had arrived on the late flight (all of Aftonbladet couldn’t travel in one plane in case it crashed…).
Dinner wasn’t until 9PM, but an hour or so before that we gathered to hear Calle and Mats talk about the past 6 months and how we had managed to achieve out goals.
We had dinner outdoors. Three courses and a lot of fat. Then on to the bar and some more wine and chit-chatting until around 1AM.


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