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Long, nice day

I planned to break my series of late nights yesterday (Thursday) and go to bed early, but sat in front of the computer/tv too long anyway – I just wasn’t tired enough. So when the alarm went off at nine this morning I was rather sleepy. But I made myself go and have a nice hot bath, almost falling asleep again in the tub. Then eventually I phoned Tiina but only got her answering machine. So I took a chance that the note I had made about 12.30 was correct and headed into town.
She called me back when I was at Skanstull and we decided to meet at Stureplan.

When I got there she had already ordered her food, so I got some salmon pasta sallad and had a seat at her table. I hadn’t seen her in a long time – sometime early this summer – so we had a lot of catching up to do. She told me about her trip to Sicily and I told her about the recent events in my life. After an hour or so Tiina’s friend Karin joined us. We talked for a while and then headed off to a couple of shops on Riddargatan Karin wanted to visit before they closed. While she was browsing through some jewelry Tiina and I continued our conversation.
Since I had nothing special planned I strolled along Kungsgatan with Tiina and Karin, then saw that Wedin’s shoe store at Hötorget had a sale, so I said bye bye to them and headed for the store. I really needed some new shoes.
I ended up being the last customer in the store, as they closed at 16.00, and bought two pairs. Then I bought another pair of shoes/boots at Din sko. I don’t know if I’ve ever bought three pairs of shoes in one day. U’s comment was: “So.. you have some standard female genes in you after all!” :-)

At home I phoned Susanne to find out if her plans to bring a bunch of people together tonight had been realised. She said no, a lot of people had to work or had other plans, but we decided to keep in touch later in the evening.
Then Benny asked me on Sklommon if I was interested in going to the movies. American Psycho. It didn’t sound like my kind of movie, but I thought what the heck, company is always nice. We met at Medborgarplatsen just before eight – me, Benny, Mark and Ihse – bought the tickets and went to Pizza Hut for dinner.
I’m getting more and more convinced that Pizza Hut just before going to the movies is a Bad Idea. As we strolled in no one wanted to notice us. We waited and waited. When we finally got our table it took some time before we could make our order. We wanted two regular pizzas to share.
While we waited for our food we had fun playing with the back side of our table mats which had quizzes and “find the word” puzzles. We had _a lot_ of time for that.
Then our pizzas arrived. And the waitress said: “I’m afraid we’re out of medium pizzas, so here you are – two large ones. Eat as much as you like.” Well… how about that! :-)

The movie was weird. Not scary, just a lot of blood. Kind of interesting, somewhat surreal. Unexpected ending. I don’t know what to think of it. The guys (including Kalle who joined us at the cinema) seemed to like it.

As we were walking away from the cinema we heard sirens. Then some more sirens. And then there were fire trucks all over. I was of course too curious too let it go, and so were the guys, so we headed in the direction in which the firetrucks had gone, despite the fact that I was supposed to meet Susanne who had called just after the movie in twenty minutes or so. A bit down on Åsögatan we couldn’t get any further, since the police had shut off the road. Benny phoned Unosson who came around with his car and we got in, circling the area trying to find out what was going on. We never did find out, since all the roads leading in to where the six or so fire trucks and one ambulance were standing were blocked by police. So they gave me a ride to Stureplan where I was to meet Susanne at Svampen.

We had a beer at the outdoor restaurant where I had had lunch with Tiina earlier in the day, and S. told me about the shower she had just been to. When the place closed we phoned Sverre for the Xth time, and this time he answered. He and Gunnar and a bunch of other people were sitting at Kristallen (or Pelikan, as it turned out). So we went there, but after just a few minutes Pelikan was closing as well, and we ended up at Malmen, which is this bizarre place at Medborgarplatsen (Scandic hotel) where elderly people (surely they must have been retired) were singing old songs without having the voices to cope it. Somewhat amusing and yet utterly irritating.
It was a nice evening all in all. Different weird stories were told, as always when Sverre is there :-) and we did our best to forget about the singing in the background.


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