Desert Rain

We were a whole bunch of people who went to KTH yesterday to take part in a virtual play/show/game called Desert Rain. We didn’t know much what it was about. The first group was the OPK board plus Sofia. We were lead into a room by an English speaking man, and got our mission: to find our targets, which were different people that we got on a special card. My man was Glen. And when we had found our targets we were supposed to gather and collectively make it to the exit and find the hotel room. Ehhm. Okay.
One by one we were lead into another big, dark room, where we entered “cocoons” of some cloth, got headsets and stepped up on some platform with arrows in four directions. All around was water – water on the floor, water in the air, and a wall of water ahead, against which some image was projected. We were to use the platform to navigate through a virtual world displayed on the wall of water. When all of us had got our headsets and were installed in the cocoons, the game started. I won’t talk much more about it, in case someone reading this gets a chance to go. It’s a much cooler experience if you don’t know that much about it in advance. Let me just say that there were several really neat surprises. I would have loved to see the look on my face at one point in particular… :-)) But.. do go! The last show is only a week away, so hurry to get your tickets. Here is some more information.
We were able to communicate with eachother through the headsets when our avatars came wihtin a short range of eachother. Afterwards the lady who had welcommed us smiled and said that we were a great group because we had laughed and giggled so much. I guess she must have listened to all of our conversations. :-)
When we were done it was the guys’ turn, and we waited outside. It was nice to see Marina, and she seemed to be in a good mood inspite of the upcoming operation. She’s so cool about it, though she must be going through hell.

After the guys were done, we all went to Orientexpressen for dinner. Well, all except Magnus, that is. Me, Marina, Petra, Carola, Eva, Sofia (the first D.R. group), Hultman, Pac, Gretha, Flash-Pelle (the second group) and Katinka, who had come too late to KTH. I had some really good salmon and a good time, too.

The day before yesterday, Sunday, that is, I woke up at 13.00. :-) Then I thought I’d try to get some work done, but didn’t get the information I needed so the afternoon was pretty much a waste. I knew the first Ordtrå for the season was that evening, but I really needed the information, so I waited. At around 19 Mattias phoned to ask if I was coming to Ordtrå. I explained the situation, but he persuaded me to come, which was good. Since Jonathan’s is closed Ordtrå has moved to Bysis on Hornsgatan. It was an okay place, despite the fact that the “stage” was so spacious and had an exit to a kitchen with really bright light in the background. If I were them I’d put a big dark red velvet cloth in the background to create a much cosier effect.
When I got there, Mattias told me he was going to go on stage. I had grabbed a bunch of poems just before leaving home, but had no intention to read. So I sat down and listened, but somehow got into the mood. So I started struggling with myself – to read or not to read…
Mattias was good. He’s got an almost tangible sensitivity when he reads. Then, after a couple of other poets, there was a pause. I hesitated, but then went up to Jane and said Ok, I’ll read.
And I did. And.. to my great surprise, it went rather well. I read from my papers of course, not having rehearsed at all, but it was okay. And I liked the stage and the faces looking up at me. This despite the tension/irritation I had felt in the room earlier in the evening.
Afterwards, I went to Aftonbladet to put Henrik Rudin’s articles from ECTS on the web. Worked from 23 to 02 and went to bed at around four.


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