Tuscany drive

On the road again… :-) We started out from Rome this morning. Today I’ve seen Siena, which is a quite little town which proved to be almost impossible to get to. Once there, it was worth the bother, though. So beautiful.
We had an outdoors lunch at the square – Piazza del Campo – watching the people go by. I tried to get the town hall fit into my photos, but it didn’t work. Both D and P have such nice cameras.

Now we’re in Florence after a long drive. We got scared when we found out that finding a hotel would be a problem. The guy at the parking place gave us some fuzzy directions to some place, though, but we didn’t find it so we just walked around the square where it was supposed to be. Then D ran into some American who said that they were staying at a convent where we might be able to get a room. So we went there and tried our best to speak English to the nun, who only knew Italian. Finally she went and got some other nun, and we got our rooms. The place is really great, and the way we found it… we’re so lucky. They didn’t charge much for the rooms either.


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