Tower town

P’s birthday today, but I still haven’t found anything nice for her, just some small things I brought from Sweden.
This morning we got up early and had breakfast at the monastery. Yesterday we met this nice couple from Florida – Mark and Jerry – and they lent us a book on agritourism (staying on a farm), so maybe we’ll try that later on. They also told us that there was a market on today at San Lorenzo, so we headed for that. Didn’t find anything nice to buy though, even if the leather here is good – but expensive.
Then we went to the big church with the dome – duomo – and had a stroll around inside. Somehow I’m having trouble appreciating the churches. P too. I don’t know about D.

We had lunch at some Actors’ Restaurant or something like that. Everyone who’s been in Italy have told me that pizza in Italy isn’t good. But I tried one yesterday evening and another one at lunch and they were really good. Different though – really thin crust, and with mozarella on them.

We went back to the convent and decided to just have a 15 min nap before going on an excursion to San Gimignano, but everyone fell asleep for an hour. :-)
We still went, though we were a little worried that the sun might set before we reached San Gimignano. But then we saw the scenery on the way and thought that it wouldn’t matter, since travelling through this beautiful landscape made the trip worthwhile anyway. We took a smaller country road so that we would find the right exit. And we actually reached San Gimignano before sunset. Such a cute little town. It has 13 different towers, built in the 12th and 13th centuries by different rival rich families, so the skyline is full of medieval skyscrapers. :)
We strolled through the narrow streets for a while, and then the sun did set, so we had some coffee and biscuits at a caffeteria. Very good.


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