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Working out

I worked out after work yesterday, for the first time in a long while. I need to take control over my body again, to be in atleast some kind of shape. Especially since Helena and Frida wants me to join their team for Vårruset, running 5 km trough the woods. Crazy. :-)
And today my legs ache, but it’s a good ache, knowing that it comes from hard work. :-) Maybe I should go to the lunch workout on Thursday.

Tonight there’s a party at Berns, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Lars Johan Hierta, Aftonbladet’s founder. Before that we’ll go to Riddarhuset where a statue of Hierta will be uncovered by Göran Persson and others. Hope it’s not very cold.

Old friends getting in touch is always nice. Yesterday Örjan popped up on my ICQ. Hadn’t talked with him in a long time.

And then Yngve chatted with me for a while through humanclick from Skriva’s main page. Most people who click on the “Click for a real person” sign just quickly click it away again. I don’t see why. I’m only human. I don’t bite. Do say hi.


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