It pays not to be too smart

My legs are still wintery pale, despite the lovely weather of the past couple of weeks. That needs to change.
Atleast I won’t have to go to the office over the next month. I’m going to devote my time to writing, and doing quite a lot of travelling as well. A welcome change.

It looks like we’ll have a warm and sunny midsummer for once. I’ve bought a summer dress which I plan to wear tomorrow. K and I will visit his mom and go to a traditional midsummer gettogether around lunchtime. No party though. I’ve never been keen on the big holidays.

Ah yes, K has started blogging! Cool. Hope he keeps it up.

Today I spent most of the day doing an online interactive version of the IQ test that the paper published. It’s for Plus subscribers only, but it only costs SEK 19 to become one. ;-)
I couldn’t keep from doing the test myself, of course. The result? An IQ of 124. I was a little disappointed. But then, the test told me that I ought to make SEK 52 000 a month. Yeah right. What’s a little bit odd is that if my IQ had only been 108 the result would be that I should make SEK 70 000. You can’t be too smart if you want to get the high positions, it seems.

Archived comments from my old publishing system:
Anna from Stockholm writes:
If it’’s any comfort I can tell you that my legs are pale too =)
M-o-m: 5 – 2005-6-26 11:40


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