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I had a good midsummer weekend. Midsummer eve I went to two movies at Heron City! :-) An alternative and nice way to spend midsummer’s eve. I had dinner in between the movies with Benny, Mattias, Magnus Neck and AmO. Afterwards we went into town for a beer (I had coke). David, Petronella and Henrik also joined us.

Mother came over on Saturday and we went for a long walk. She got a little disoriented, which amused us both (well, mostly me..). She’s always telling people she has such a great sense of location. :-)
Sunday we went to Djurgården and strolled around, visiting Rosendal and having coffee at Blå Porten. A nice day.

This week is the first week I work as 2nd editor on the morning shift (7AM-3PM). Getting up early is hard, but as long as I can go to sleep fairly early it’s okay. Unfortunately that means I’m not having much of a life. I’ve been going to bed between 9 and 10 pm this week, too.

This weekend I might go to Molkom to visit Sofie. She wants me to play a small part in a film she’s making. I’m not sure I’ll be a good actress, but I guess I can always try. :)


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