Summer drought

No news is good news, they say. Well, not if you work at the news desk and you just want the day to go by quickly.
I arrived 1 hour 10 minutes early this morning, planning to leave early as well. Or that’s what I thought. It turned out I had read the schedule wrong, and instead of 9 I was supposed to go to work at 7. So I was 50 minutes late. And Karin had already published all the material from the paper edition. Nothing to do but surf and check the material from the news bureaus. Boooooring.

In the news today is Svennis’ new affair, and demands on his resignation. I can’t say I care much, but the readers seem to. Probably because it’s a man of power taking advantage of his situation. Me, I’m just curious about what these beautiful women see in him.

I keep looking for vacation deals for September. But the good deals won’t be available for a week or two. I just hope they fit the time slot I’ve got.

I’m finally getting my cats insured. At they have a good deal right now, which Marina told me about. Now I’ve sent in applications for both Morris and Minor. No more worrying about the costs if they would get ill (well, you still have to pay for part of it, but it won’t ruin me).

At Vetekatten they have the best gateaus in town. Chocolate fudge in layers and a chocolate mousse with pear cognac in it. Mmmmmm!
That’s where I’m going after work today. :-)


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