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No, I did not stop writing my diary. I just didn’t write. Now I’m writing.

I won’t summarize the past couple of months. There’s no way I could. A lot has happened. Though I guess I should mention that there’s a new man in my life. :-) Mentioned for the first time with just his initial… K has made my days joyful since Dec. 11. He’s a great guy and he makes me happy.

Xmas was spent at work, with just me and mom having Xmas dinner in the evening. Over new year’s I visited Sofie in Karlstad and Molkom.

But let’s stick to the present. I got the day off today. Sigge phoned this morning, telling me that the evening editor is ill and I’ll have to work the evening shift Thursday and Friday, which meant there’s no work today. It was great getting back to bed and sleep for three more hours.
I had lunch in Sumpan and then headed home to look after Morris and Minor. Mother came by and we had tea and a chat.


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