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Good things

Some good or fun things have been happening lately.

  • I won a dinner for two in a wap competition.
  • I got to try out Xbox.
  • I got Morris. And Minor (a lovely tiger-red kitten) will hopefully arrive in about three weeks.
  • Aftonbladet got two awards at Stora Journalistpriset and threw a spontaneous party yesterday. Unfortunately I couldn’t attend (had Creative Writing deadline material to work on).
  • We’re getting a Xmas bonus.
  • I got to go to a sneak preview of the movie The Cat’s Meow, and also got a free membership for the Stockholm Film Festival plus three free tickets!
  • P’s coming!
  • It looks like I’ll be able to help mother get her computer going, with the help of some of my friends.
  • Stephen Rappaport is performing at Kilen eleven nights this month. I’ve bought a “Rappapass” and plan to go to atleast five of them.
  • I got a top story today – the main story at aftonbladet.se, that is.
  • The design project has started and so far has proved to be a lot of fun. I even registered a domain for it.
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