Writing good emails is an art

I wish I could write emails like P. Every time she sends one out, I get this feeling. The way she does it is she tells little everyday stories or thoughts, almost like a column for a paper, but uniquely hers. Usually she also ties it up at the end, making a point and/or a joke.

I don’t know if it is in Sweden in general or among my friends in particular that we don’t have this tradition of writing personal emails and sending them to all your friends/relatives. If I were to take it up, I’m not sure who I’d send it to.
I guess in a way this blog serves the same purpose. Though I feel I’m being boring most of the time…

I finished the picture frame for the creative tasks project last night. It turned out quite nicely. A lot of work, though. I’ll present it on the site on Saturday.

Today I’m wearing long socks – the kind that goes up over the knee – that I bought in England. It’s in fashion there, so I got inspired. But they make my feet fall asleep – they’re so tight. And I look like a bee. :-) Lots of stripes.

Today’s most talked about story is about the email a woman at a bank in southern Sweden sent a colleague. By mistake she typed in the wrong address, and the woman receiving the email thought it funny and sent it on. Now it’s spreading like fire all over Sweden.
The text in the email was “Today I’ve had sex …at work!”.
The poor woman has taken leave of absence, and the bank is covering the story up saying it was an internal code for a project where everyone should talk to atleast six clients a day. Six in Swedish is “sex”.


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