It’s my last day in Norwich. I have enjoyed my stay thoroughly. Though it turned into much more of a shopping trip and less of a writing/reading workshop than I had expected, I don’t mind.
I cannot understand why A and I never went to Norwich when we went backpacking around Britain. It’s such a cosy town, yet big enough for every major store to want to be here.
Norwich has three things. One pub for every day of the year. One church for every week of the year. And a lot of second hand stores (more than one for each month). The latter was the part that really won my heart. Second hand stores in the UK is nothing like the ones at home. Here you can actually find stuff you want to wear, at reasonable prices and in very good condition – usually they don’t look worn at all.

Sofie left this morning, so I’ve had the day to myself. Annika, Sofie’s friend whom we’ve been staying with, had a few errands to run. I had a lot of shopping to do. So we met back at the house at dinnertime. Then we went to Sainsbury’s with Annika’s boyfriend Ben, and Gabe, another one of the Cattlemarket St. boys. It turns out that every time they’re going shopping BIG time, they â€?borrowâ€? a cart from the store to bring their groceries home in. This is very handy, since the place where you put old papers, glass etc is right by Sainsbury’s, so they can bring all that stuff in the cart the next time they go shopping.
The cart can also come in handy when your legs are tired. Ben gave Gabe a lift. :-)

Tomorrow I’m going to London in the morning for some last minute shopping. Not that there’s any space left in my bags. On the contrary, I don’t know how to fit all of my stuff in there.
Then, in the afternoon, I’m going back to Sweden.
It’s been a nice trip. But my feet are sore and I miss my four loved ones at home. And… I’m a bit ashamed to say… I miss my internet connection. :-)
Mostly for the friends I don’t have much contact with when I’m not online.


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