Camden Market today. I was a bit worried that K wouldn’t be able to take my going into every shop, browsing through clothes racks, looking at odd stuff. But it turned out that he liked the market. Maybe not the clothes – apart from him buying 10 ties(!) – but the gadgets. :-)
I ended up buying a skirt, four books and some skin products from Superdrug.
After a few hours we were exhausted and went back to the hotel, via Trafalgar Square and a long wait in the rain for the right bus. Oh yes, the London weather never fails to show off its uniqueness, bringing us not only one, but several daily showers. With a little sunshine in between.

This evening it was pretty cold. After a nice bath and a couple of hours’ sleep at the hotel, we headed for Covent Garden where we were going to have dinner. But it was kinda dead there, so we ended up in a not very inspiring Garfunkels near Leicester Square. Well, atleast it was close to the Häagen-Dazs icecream parlour, where we headed for desert.

Yesterday, which was the day of our arrival in London, we went to Carnaby Steet, among other things. I was pretty disappointed since it had changed a lot in only two years. A lot of the crazy shops were gone. Some had been replaced with more ordinary shops, other were just empty. I didn’t buy anything.
Instead we strolled through Soho, had a nice lunch/dinner at the Moon and Sixpence, a really nice pub with great food and a lovely shandy.
I also shopped at Foyle’s – I found a signed copy of Douglas Coupland’s latest novel. Great!

London is expensive though. The prices are about 1.5 times the Swedish prices. It’s good I’m only in England for a week.


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