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Design your own handbag at freddy&ma's

For a handbag freak like me, freddy&ma’s site is heaven. They let you design your own handbag from a set of four basic bags. You pick a model, and then you get to choose the color of the straps, the fabric from a large variety, further if you want a panel color so that the whole bag is not in the same fabric, and if you want nickel or gold hardware. The site allows for a great variety of designs, and it’s fun too. The price is a bit over my budget though. The handbag I designed would cost $340. But one can always dream…
My handbag on display at freddy&ma'sOne cool thing is that once you’ve designed a handbag it appears on their front page (see the arrow on the screenshot to the right).
freddy&ma also have a blog where they write about their business, fashion and their lives. They are brother and sister and live on opposite coasts of the US. On the blog you can also see different outfits worn to different parties etc, of course with just the right handbag to match on each occation.

Here are some of the handbags I created:

Handbags from freddy&ma


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  1. anthony says:

    Hey, thanks SO much for writing about Freddy&Ma. We loved your post! We would love to extend a special discount to you and your readers, just email us at if you are interested!!!!

  2. Anyanka says:

    Oh! Stunning!

  3. michelle says:

    wat a lot of brilliant handbag designs that is wat i want to do when i am older

  4. fati says:

    i find these handbags so beauriful and original
    but the matter is that i live in morocco and i can’t find these freddy&ma’s hanbags so i just want to know which contry posess these modeles

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