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Pool night

Yesterday I finally got the chance to try out my new pool cue that K gave me for xmas. Though it may be a little bit too light, it was a great difference compared to the cues you borrow at the pool hall.
We played for five hours. Sverre of course had lots of stories from Thailand. :)
I’m thinking of going to the pool training for girls on Mondays. It’s free, which is a nice thing. I need to save money.

I’ve worked all through the xmas holidays. I got some time off on New Year’s, but had to work early on new year’s day which made it hard to party hard on new year’s eve. The upcoming shift was difficult none the less, since I hardly got any sleep that night. I got to bed at 01.30, after having been to Torkel’s new year’s party, but I didn’t fall asleep. All in all I dozed off for about half an hour that night. I’m too old to be a normal person after that. :-)

I am happy there’s just one morning shift left. It starts on Friday and ends Tuesday, when Sofie arrives. We leave for Norwich, Britain on Wednesday morning, to visit Annica and Ben. I’m really looking forward to the trip.

For the first time in I don’t know how long, I have been working on my web pages today. A first step is to move this blog to K’s server, convert the pages to asp instead of html and to start using ssi. The next step will be putting it all in a database, allowing for more easy and spontaneous updates (no promises ;) ).


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