Off to Storvik

There’s lot to do before I go to the US, and time is running by very quickly. I guess I need to make a list and set up priorities. All of that will have to wait until Monday though, because now I’m off to Storvik and this term’s first Creative Writing in English gettogether.
There are quite a few new names on the discussion board on the online platform for the course, so it’ll be nice to get some faces and poems and stuff to attach to them.
We’re going by car this time. Rental car. The whole thing started today, but four of us decided to join tomorrow morning. Three days is a bit much.

Today I’ve spent most of the day working on the Hamburg guide. I need to get it done next week. Phew.
Today I’ve learnt all about Hamburg for children and Hamburg for homosexuals, plus some details about sports events in the city.


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