Conference and pool games

The conference was great. We were at a place called Johannesbergs slott (Johannesberg’s castle) in Gottröra just past Arlanda airport.
After a terrible morning, me being tired and hungover, we reached the castle at 9.30. Before lunch we got the usual briefings about the economic situation, developments in the number of visitors to the site etc. Lunch was so and so, since I don’t like pea soup OR greek sallad. I had pancakes. But the nice things were the coffee breaks. The had cake with every coffee, and so delicious. When we arrived we had this great chocolat, caramel and coconut cake. Yummy! :)
A creative afternoon with group assignments and it was time for fun fun fun. Mats had put together a quiz where we were divided into groups and got questions on different topic. The questions were worth from 1 to 5 points, and he read the 1 point one first, then on to the 2 point one, etc. If we decided to answer a question we could get no more points than that on that topic. So we took a chance on most of them and got to the 5 point level – where we didn’t know the answer. :-)
Well, if you’re not no. 1 you might as well finish last. So, we did.

The dinner was lengthy but the food was excellent. Roe deer, scampi in curry sauce, cheeses and an assortment of great desserts. Plus lots of wine, of course.

After dinner Peter and I challenged the bosses in pool. But we decided to go for a tournament so we were to meet Niklas and Simone first. Things were looking good but then I put the 8 in the wrong whole. So we never got to play against the bosses. :-/

Playing pool with the folks at work were a lot of fun, and Simone got the idea that we should start the old Aftonbladet pool club again. A brilliant idea.

Most of today has been pretty sleepy. It feels good to be home again.


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