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Working half five to half five

12 hr workdays wear you out. Today I forgot all about “Today’s question” – the daily poll for our readers – until after 2 in the afternoon.
I didn’t get much sleep last night. Too stressed out after having spent an hour in line at the new cheap food store at Kungens Kurva. City Gross was BIG, but not exceptionally cheap apart from some good deals. Definitely not worth the long lines and the long drive there.
But it was fun going on an excursion with the car. :)

I had lunch at Restaurangskolan today. As usual a great big buffet. The best part is the dessert buffet though, and I was happy there was a lot of herring in the main course section, since I’m not too fond of that. That way I could fit more sweets.
It’s a good thing we don’t go there every week…

I have a deadline at CWA today. I won’t be able to complete all the assignments, but have decided to hand in those that are done. There’s less stress that way.


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