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Garden and e-zine work

Working day at the allotment. We were to be there at 10 to do some gardening at the public areas in our part of the some 500 lot area. It turned out that there wasn’t much need for it. We took away the weed we could find and finished in an hour. Mom and I had coffee and did some gardening on our own allotment, then it was time for me to head home.
Gitta turned up at 14.30, and we’ve been working on the e-zine since (she just left). It’s taking shape now, and I think I know how to solve the remaining problems with the structure. I told William I’d be done in late June… so hopefully I’ll be able to finish it in the Midsummer weekend.

Tomorrow is the first day of a four day morning shift. Getting up at 5AM. No need to tell you I’m NOT looking forward to it.


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