Springtime is here

Spring is in the air. The sun is shining, and it’s actually warm and cosy to sit on the balcony and have tea. Birds are singing, snowdrops in bloom. Lovely.
Yesterday mother and I paid our first visit to the cottage this year. We were a bit scared someone might have broken in, or that there would be rat poop everywhere. Or that there would be damages from water leaks in the roof. But things looked pretty much the way we left it (a mess, that is, but not more so than in October). A relief.
We got busy raking together last autumn’s leaves. I found one of the strange cigars T’d had given us last midsummer and tried it. It was a bit dry, of course, but interesting.
There’s no water yet, or access to the restrooms. But there’s electricity so we could boil the water we had brought in PET bottles. You need to have tea after some hard work.

When I got back K and I went to OKQ8 in Bandhagen to fix the blinkers of the car and to change to summer tyres. I’ve learnt so much already. :-) I never knew cars were as simple as that.
Yesterday I ordered the repair manual for the Beetle, and a book on driving.

I need to do my CWA writing today. The deadline is on Friday, but I get on my shift tomorrow so it will just be work-eat-sleep until then. Problem is I’m lacking inspiration. The short story is the major problem. I’m out of ideas.

Relationships are tricky things. I stumble and fall at the flattest stones along this one road, it seems. Communication, especially over distances, need to be crystal clear. No thoughts conveyed in between unblinking ICQ icons.


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