Return of winter

We’ve had storm and heavy snowfall for three days now. At work it’s freezing cold – as always on weekends. And the view from the window up here doesn’t exactly make me long back out there.
I was so happy about the early spring. Guess I should have known it wouldn’t last.

Today has been another day with an early start. 04.15 to be exact, which was when my alarm went off. Got to work at 5, only to find out that the night had been pretty uneventful in Iraq. No more bombings than usual, no more raids into the city by American forces.

Yesterday’s find in southern Iraq was totally disgusting: 200 temporary caskets filled with bodies and body parts, and some additional plastic bags with similar contents. Reuters were showing photos of the catalogue the British troups had found, with photos of the dead – sometimes â€?before and afterâ€?.
It is now thought that the corpses are from the Iran-Iraq war in the 80’s. How could they just leave them like that for almost 20 years!?

What can I write apart from work and war? Nothing much happening in my life right now. Though on Friday K and I are going to Värmland for the premiere of the 8×8 films, including Sofie’s “Efter”.
It’ll be interesting to see how the Beetle can handle a longer drive.


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