Quick notes on the subway

The battery was dead in the car tonight, so K and I had to take the subway to Magnus Neck’s birthday party, for which we were already late.
It’s strange, because the Beetle’s been running like clockwork up until now.

Today Uffe sent me to The Mystery of Time and Space. Half of Sklommon were playing the game, which proved to be just the kind that I can’t let go of once I start playing it. Full of puzzles to solve.
The ending was a bit of a disappointment though, even if it was good that it ended then because it gave me some time for a shower before we took off to Magnus’. :)

I had the day off today, since tomorrow used to be a day when no papers were produced. Hence, nobody at Aftonbladet had to work today – and thanks to some good negotiating by the journalists’ union this is still the case today.
It’s been a good day not to work, since the subway is running only every 20 minutes due to single track traffic between Gullmarsplan and Slussen. This we are experiencing right now, stuck at Gullmarsplan for 10 minutes so far.


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