Trying to figure out lampmaking

It’s hard to find good information on lampmaking, my new project. I’ve looked for Swedish sites, without luck, then English ones.. but there’s very little information on the web. Also the English instructions might not work for Swedish lamps (different plugs and voltage etc).

There’s one book, “Lampor att göra själv” by Emeli Mårtensson, but it’s only 64 pages. Not sure it’ll fit my needs. I might be able to find it at the library.
In the meantime I’ve bid on a couple of lampmaking books on eBay. The problem is most US sellers only ship to the US. It’s good I have P. :-)

I keep stocking up on material. Most of it is not at all intended for lamps, but that just adds to its preciousness to me.

Today I was supposed to go to Kvarnen and have a beer for Flash who’s leaving New Media and is going to work for the paper. First I went to Vetekatten to have coffee with Laszlo, Benny, Uffe and Anna, though, which was nice, but then I got a bad stomach ache and decided to skip Kvarnen after all. Also I’m feeling rather anti-social lately. I don’t like that.

Yesterday I bought a garment at Gröna moln for almost a thousand SEK. That’s way above my usual budget for clothes, but it was sooo nice. She’s strange though, the designer. She has very strict rules when you go to her store. You cannot browse – she picks out what you should buy.


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