Weekend trip: food, booze, laughs and sunshine

It’s been a weekend full of good food, car rides, wine and high spirits.
Ann, K’s sister in law, celebrated her 50th birthday, so we took the Beetle to Arboga where a bunch of some 20 people gathered. Lots of new faces – apart from K I had only met his two brothers and his sister in law before.
K’s brother Jan had done the cooking, which was excellent. Ann got a lot of interesting gifts, like a big (1,5 litre) cup with fake cointreau, a bottle of the real stuff, a Swedish flag and a singing plastic sunflower – this from only one couple who made a great entry with all these items in their hands. K and his brother gave her an outdoor gas heater. Her sons gave her… a plastic flamingo.
The weather was good, starting out sunny, then a cloudy interruption, but no rain. We took a walk in the woods breathing fresh air and getting a thousand and one mosquito bites.

We spent the night at their place, getting to bed late since we were to sleep in the livingroom which was next to the kitchen where people were partying until 3 am.

Today we paid Marina a visit in Västerås. Being in her place was somewhat surreal, as i kept noticing stuff I had previously seen photos of on her site. :-)
And I got to meet her son and her cats for the first time.
She treated us to barbecue – she’s got a really neat electric table grill – and all sorts of great food and drink. As a grand finale K and I got to try out her bubble pool style bathtub.

I like travelling by car. It gives a great illusion of freedom and of getting somewhere. ;)


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