At the tip of the Needle

Overcoming fear is a powerful mood enhancer. Somehow I just knew I would go up, and up I went. The Space Needle is Seattle’s landmark, a 605 feet tall tower constructed for the 1962 world fair. The elevator guy kindly informed us that the elevators had been changed in 1996, though.
The view from up here is spectacular, and I am lucky it’s such a clear and sunny day.
I went for a guided tour around the tower, and got to know a little about Seattle.
Making the most of it, I decided to have an icecream and a smoothie (idiotic combination – I wasn’t thinking) at the skyCafé. They have Häagen-Dazs’ Rocky Road here, and I wanted to try it. It was okay enough, but they have never been as great with chocolate icecream as they are with other flavours.

I am trying to decide whether to go to the EMP or not. The Experience Music Project is an initiative of Paul Allen’s. It’s a hands on experimental music exhibition. People say it’s a lot of fun, but with my sense of rhytm I don’t know.


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