Sverre turning twelve

K’s appartment is starting to look really nice. The hallway, bedroom and bathroom are redecorated and today I’ve helped him put some stuff in the livingroom in boxes.
It’s so nice to look at the wallpaper – no holes, cracks or tears.
I’m using a wireless network now, since we can’t have cords and stuff on the floor, and it’s really unstable. Using sklommon is almost impossible – I get disconnected all the time.

Yesterday Erik and I went to Gadget on Rörstrandsgatan to find a present for Sverre. It was hard not to buy the whole store. Lots of fun stuff for geeks.
Then we met up with a bunch of sklommon people and others at Njutbar. One of the less frequent guests was Jimmy, in town for a course.
A guy named David introduced himself by telling us the best and worst things that had happened to him this week, and wanted to know the same from us. I thought that’s an interesting approach to people. Most often you say your name and occupation, but does that really say who you are?

Sverre’s party is tonight. The theme will be on the verge of adulthood since he’s turning 12 (born on Feb 29). :-)


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