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When worlds collide

Feb. 29 is over. I didn’t propose. Several other proposals were delivered in the early hours at Sverre’s party though. And kisses. And I got sprayed with cream. In an attempt to claim it wasn’t equal I was the obvious loser – it ended with me having to lick yucky prefab whipped cream from a hairy chest.

Today I had to decide when to have this summer’s vacation. In February!?! It’s insane. K and I had to coordinate our almanacs and just pick a few weeks.

The server has been down quite a bit over the past few days, and I guess you can expect it to be a bit wobbly over the next week too. The redecorating of K’s apartment means he can’t have cords running everywhere, so he had to turn it off for a while.

It’s the Oscars tonight, but I’d be too tired if I were to stay up and watch it. Mom’s planning to, though.
And P and D, of course, but they’re in another time zone.

My worlds are colliding. First Erik and now Gitta is joining Sklommon. Well, some fresh blood can’t hurt, I guess.


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