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Spring fatigue

Spring is in the air.. or so my bosses try to convince me. The past week I’ve only been doing flash graphics related to spring. Today it was about what happens in your body when spring arrives. Hormones are affected, you fall more easily in love, etc.
Me, I’m feeling the dark sides of the bright days. I’m so tired.. I don’t feel like doing anything after work, just go home and relax. But if I don’t do anything I get depressed and feel my life has no meaning. Complicated.

Yesterday I had a few beers with Mattias after work. Hadn’t seen him in a long time. We talked about how our lives had changed and some personal stuff.
Isn’t it great with friends you can return to after years and it’s like you met yesterday!

I got really scared Tuesday, when reading this article when I got to the office. There had been a huge water leak at the allotment area. 150 allotments were destroyed or partly destroyed by the water. It was hard to tell whether my “cottage” was one of them.
I went there after work, finding it pretty intact. The ground was watery, but no lake surrounded the cottage as I had feared.

Both K and I have had mixed feelings about moving. But now I think we’ve both landed in a state where we are looking forward to it. This morning he wrote about loving the idea of becoming a “sambo” – the Swedish word for living with a partner – on sklommon. It put a big smile on my face.

It’s strange, though. I never thought I wanted this. I always imagined that even if I was in a committed relationship I’d guard my independence and my space, living in my own place that I could keep the way I wanted. But I have changed a lot over the past few years, in different ways.


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