Party & cats

The twins are out! And Helena’s girl’s out too. Babies galore! R & M… can’t wait to see their pics.

Now we are properly installed in the new apartment. Saturday we had the housewarming party. A bit chaotic at first, when everyone arrived at the same time when we were still having a family dinner, but nice all the same. A lot of people came, which was great fun. Especially meeting people I haven’t seen in a long time, like Heidi and her husband, and their son whom I hadn’t met before.

The webcam was on all evening, saving pictures whenever anyone moved a lot in front of it. The result was a long series of images, in bad quality, but a nice way of preserving the evening. I’ve put some of them online in a password protected area, so if you were at the party and want to see the pics, send me an email.

Marina did some magic tricks, K taught us how to fold a t-shirt and people got to do a “sambo” quiz. “Sambo” is the Swedish word for people living together without being married. So the quiz was about K and me and the apartment. It turned out that Benny’s the one who knows us best (or is the best guesser ;) ).

Today the cats have moved in. They are both still rather nervous/uneasy, moving around cautiously, exploring different areas of the apartment. Especially those that are no-nos. :)


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