Merry Christmas!

Wishing a Merry Christmas to anyone stopping by this page. Hope you are all enjoying the holidays.

Today I’ve done absolutely nothing, just watched Lost in Translation for the umpteenth time and I’ve eaten a lot of Christmas food.
Mom stayed until three this afternoon, and she brought some food yesterday. With the things we’ve bought and made, Christmas dinner last night was a full buffet. We didn’t even get to taste all the kinds of food. Now I feel full and long for some healthy light food, like sallad or soup or something like that.
Christmas eve went by much in the usual way, though celebrating it at our place was something new. It was a quite relaxed evening – we were pretty tired, or atleast K and I were, him still with a cold.

The cats also enjoyed themselves, playing with the paper from the xmas gifts and eating ham whenever I threw a small piece at them.


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