Art cow decapitation

So called “militant graffiti artists” stole one of the Cow Parade cows that are on display in Stockholm, and sent out a video clip where they pose like the terrorists in Iraq, threatening to cut the throat of the cow if the rest of the Cow Parade cows aren’t removed from the streets of the capital. This was a few days ago. Today another video clip was sent out, showing the decapitation of the cow.
I hope they get caught, and punished. This “fight for Freedom of Expression” is nothing but outright hooliganism. Perhaps they think it’s funny to look like Iraqi terrorists, I think it’s disgusting, and it clearly shows what kind of people they are, chosing the same means as terrorists.
They claim the cows are not art, because the organizers of the Cow Parade make money from it – from the small cows that are sold in stores in the countries where the parade takes place. Ohhh that’s bad – to make money from art. Booo-hooo. But, hold on, what’s bad about making money, again? Who’s limiting these people’s right to express themselves? They demand public walls where everyone can express their art. Who said that the right to express yourself includes the right to be seen, and in the middle of town at that? You have to work hard to get there. Well, in a way they have – now they are seen, and probably admired by people who think their “stunt” is amusing. But art? Never.

What they have done is preventing Bris – the association for children’s right – from getting 30 000 SEK from the sale of this cow. That must make them feel really proud.

And for the record – I like the cows. I think they brighten up the streets of Stockholm. I’d like it even if they wouldn’t be auctioned off for a good cause, if the money collected went to the artists themselves, that would be fine.


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