E-zine work, much delayed

Today I really really need to get to work with the e-zine. I’ve been postponing it for too long, and then when I meant to get started the tsunami disaster struck, and I had to work covering that instead. And then, from working too much, I got problems with my arms and shoulders. The mouse arm symptoms are still there, but the pain is slightly less, so I’ll try to sit in front of the computer today anyway.
The material is good this time as well. Jennifer and I have made a long list of accepted pieces, pieces that will be accepted if certain changes are made, and pieces that won’t be accepted at this time but that might be accepted later if they keep on working on them.
On top of that, I need to send out a bunch of emails to other people whose work we’d like to publish even though it hasn’t been submitted to us. Lots of work, but rewarding. I hope to get the next issue out within a couple of weeks.

I haven’t sent my registration letter to CWA. It was due Thursday, but I haven’t had the time, nor the energy. William’s very understanding as usual, and sent me the welcome letter anyway, assuming I had just forgotten. :-)

Here’s a blog on writing. I want Skriva.net to turn into a blog like that, but we’ll be more than one person doing the writing. The focus will also be a little different. Unfortunately K’s having problems getting WordPress to work on our server.


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