Remembering the old times, with some new additions

It’s my fourth Wednesday in a row at KGB. It looks like I’m back in my routine after a couple of years’ couch potatoeing. : ) Extra nice to see many of the old gang that haven’t been there for quite some time – Marina, Paula, Annika, jkl, [Calle]…
As usual, dinner at Sawadee first. Apart from people from trafik, a few brave commonists had made their way there.
Here are the pics.

Earlier in the day I spent my second day at Morgondagens Webbplatser thinking about what to say in the panel debate that I was to take part in, and that was meant to summarize the event. I presented Läsarbladet and the work we do at Aftonbladet concerning reader-generated content. I think it went pretty okay. Also said a proper hi to Neville after leaving a comment in his blog yesterday.


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2 Responses

  1. Arif says:

    While searching around for something intersting,
    i saw your blog.
    It made me interested because I am very much enthusiastic about KGB. Not just for curosity but for the thrilling stories I’ve heard about KGB since my childhood. Now i am a graduate in Chemical engineering but still i have that crazyness about KGB.
    Did you really worked for KGB?
    How was that life?
    If I am not crossing my limit please reply me.
    take care
    With best wishes

  2. L. says:

    I think you’ve mistaken KGB bar (restaurant in Stockholm) with the real thing.. :-)

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