Judging books by the cover

Mother mentioned having been to NK’s English book sale yesterday. Though I was tired after a week of constant toothache, I couldn’t keep away. After work I went into town, and above is the result.

  • Sparkle Hayter – The last manly man
  • Virginia Nicholson – Among the bohemians. Experiments in living 1900-1939. (She’s Vanessa Bell’s granddaughter!)
  • William Gibson – Burning Crome and other stories.
  • Paul Martin – Counting sheep. The science and pleasures of sleep and dreams.
  • Po Bronson – What should I do with my life?
  • Ursula Hegi – Hotel of the saints.
  • Donna Woolfolk Cross – Påven Johanna. (not in English, and not on sale, but I’ve been meaning to get it for a long time)

    I’m silly about book covers. Books need to look right. Though very different in appearance, all of the covers above appealed to me. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover, but a nice looking cover sure can catch my attention and awaken my interest in a book I otherwise might not get.

    All the books were just 39:- each, apart from Counting Sheep (48:-) and Påven Johanna (55:-). Though if you’re a member of NK’s book club you get an additional 15 percent off everything.

    It’s not like I was lacking stuff to read. There’s plenty of unread books in my bookshelves already. But that doesn’t stop me. :-)

    Right now I’m reading two books. One is the much discussed Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I like it so far, as a normal suspense novel. I don’t think you should think about it as anything more than that.
    The other book is called How to lose friends & alienate people, and is written by Toby Young. Young is a British journalist who went to New York to meet celebrities, well, officially to work as a reporter for Vanity Fair, but that was really just an excuse to get to go to cool parties and hit on women. The book is autobiographical and tells of his unsuccessful endeavours in the Big Apple. He writes with great wit and self-distance. It’s quite an amusing read to bring on the subway.

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