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After two party nights (Aftonbladet party Friday, party at Fredrike’s yesterday) it’s good to have a day when you just tag along, do a minimum, and get some sun in your face. We went to visit K’s mom and to help her change to summer tires on her car. She lives in Rimbo, about an hour’s drive from here. It’s a place where everyone knows everything about everyone. Typical small town mentality.

You don’t really need a local paper in a place like that – news travel fast anyway. If someone’s sick, has an affair, loses his job or goes on holiday the whole town seems to know.
I don’t think I could live in a place like that. Stockholm, even in a suburb like Skarpnäck, offers an anonymity that appeals to me. I can choose whom I want to share my news with (though sharing them with Tom Dick and Harry on the net might contradict that :-) ), I don’t keep track of my neighbours and they don’t keep track of me.
At the allotment I have some of that, though. Atleast some of the neighbours are a bit nosy. But at the same time we keep a lookout for intruders, help eachother if something’s happened on our piece of land, and invite eachother over for coffee. And I can choose when to go there and when to stay away.

After dinner we went for a walk by the water – Långsjön. It was a beautiful cloud-free day, and though it wasn’t more than 13 degrees it wasn’t cold. We saw a snake and a lot of spring flowers. I need to take more walks. Get more exercise.
I’ve gained 7 kilos the last year. No more icecream…

Archived comments from my old publishing system:
Christofer from Stockholm writes:
Sju kilo på ett år?? Snabba viktuppgångar brukar tyda på att man är nöjd och bekväm. Är allt bra?
M-o-m: 10 – 2005-4-22 11:11

Lotta from Stockholm writes:
Jotack, nog är jag bekväm allt. Lite för bekväm. Måste börja gå och jympa eller nåt. Annars är det mesta rätt okej. Men du, vi borde ta en öl nån dag!
M-o-m: 5 – 2005-4-25 23:39


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