I’m part of the Juni 2005 project

I think it’s the fourth time that SöderKOM (skom) has a photo project where the participants take a photo a day and present it on a site. The last time I was in it I think it was May 2003 apps samsung note. This time the project is for this month, June 2005.

I think it’s a neat way to follow diffent people through the month. So far there are twelve participants typo3 deutsch download kostenlos.
The project website can be found at http://juni2005.macpro.se. Here is my contribution herunterladen.

And now for something completely different. It looks like I’ll be on tv tomorrow. Both SVT24 and SVT2 are sending the Bloggforum debate about blogs and the media, at 13.03 auto fahrschule simulator kostenlos downloaden.

Archived comments from my old publishing system:
helena from cambridge USA writes:
Great photos and people german download apps! Thanks. (and that cathedral — oh my …)
M-o-m: 7 – 2005-6-10 5:43


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